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Shaniah Rollo was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Laguna but moved with her parents in Dublin, Ireland two years ago.

Shaniah is the youngest children of Joy and Narz Rollo of Pio Duran, Albay.  She has two older siblings Mia Kyarra, 26, is also a singer and Gian, 23, is a guitar and keyboard player.

In 2016, Shaniah and her parents arrived in Ireland, looking for a greener pasture but leaving behind Mia and Gian in the Philippines.

Before her performance, Van Outen asked the young girl if she wins, what she will do with the prize money,  €50,000 prize (P3.26 million pesos). Shaniah revealed that she will use the money for her siblings to go in Ireland. “I really missed them so much, I want them to be here, so that we can be a whole family again,” Shaniah said.


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